Complete Guide to Google My Business : Google’s Local Listing Tool

Recently, Google has launched a fun new tool that they have named, you guessed it, Google My Business. This new feature is aimed at helping businesses gain more exposure online, connect directly with their customers and promote their business further as a whole.

One Stop Shop for All of Your Business Promotion Needs

What really makes this package so great is that it combines all of Google’s business services into one, including maps, Google+, reviews and puts them all together in one convenient dashboard for easy access.


It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in, chances are your customers are looking for you online and its time you take full advantage of the free, easy to use services that Google offers. Whether the patrons of your deli want to know what time you open up on Monday morning or a new potential guest wants to know how the customer service was at your hotel, you need to have this information available in an easy to find fashion, and Google My Business is here to help.

Ready to Get Started?

Fortunately, Google has made it easier than ever to get started. And to sweeten the deal even more, we’ve put together a short series of articles detailing not only how to get your business set up properly in Google My Business but also how to get the very most out of Google My Business to ensure your customers have easy access to your information.


Part 1: What is Google My Business?

Google’s new My Business feature puts you right on the search engine map (literally) as well as in organic results and Google+ so that your customers and clients can find you quickly and easily, no matter what sort of device they are using.

The new tool goes beyond the simplistic features of your hours and phone numbers. Now it is easier than ever for customers to use thanks to on demand information that generates driving directions to your business and even allows them to call you directly from the listing. Are you starting to see why this such an important tool to be utilizing?! When you’re ready to get going, part 1 is waiting for you!

Part 2: How to Register and Set Up Google My Business

In this section of the series we dive right in and walk you through step by step how to get your Google My Business page up and running. Whether you are a brand, organization, restaurant or an individual we’ll guide you all the way through to the end, making sure your page is set up properly and your clients can find you easily. Don’t wait any longer, get started with chapter 2 right now!


Part 3 : Improving Your Google Local Listing With Media and Keywords

Chapter 3 of this guide focuses on establishing your company or business as a strong and accurate presence on the internet. Not only will be discussing how to promote your company with the Google My Business tool but also we will cover on-page techniques that further promote your company in organic search results, giving your page more exposure and an upper hand against your competitors.


Part 4: Improving Your Local Google Presence with Reviews

Not only are you making it easier for your clients to build their loyalty, but also you are providing an easy method for them to show their appreciation with positive reviews, Google +1s and even allowing them to share your content. Best of all, it’s from one spot!

Within part 4 of the Google My Business guide we discuss strategies and game plans on how to use your positive reviews from customers and clients to influence viewers that may be on the edge of purchasing your service and converting them into real, cash flowing customers.


Part 5: Citations, Review Sites & Tracking

In the final chapter we will discuss how citations come into play with your local listings as well as how external review sites can increase your visibility in local search results. Chapter 5 will also discuss how to use data aggregators to save yourself time and how to track your local listings rankings over time to ensure that your competitors don’t get a jump on you.

While we’re talking about review sites, it’s important to note that review sites are actually part of your public relations strategy. Many business owners make the mistake of only being concerned about their public image when there is a business emergency or when they have some good news to share. It should really be a big part of your daily activities, from managing your social, to monitoring and responding to reviews, as well as your tactical discussions with relevant press and media. If you want to find out more we have a complete guide which answers the question – What is PR?. If you’ve never done any PR, or have only had sporadic press coverage, it might be just the ticket to get you started with some more creative ideas and successes.

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