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What is PR: Public Relations Explained For Businesses

Public relations is about more than just dealing with an emergency or communicating with the press when you have a story to tell. It’s about all the interactions between your business, and brand, and the public who might be interested. A strategic approach needs to encompass the press, of course, but don’t forget about your own messaging, your staff’s behavior on LinkedIn, and even the dozens of review and social sites if you’re a local business. This complete guide will help you take your understanding to the next level, and see why if you’re not taking PR seriously you could be missing out on tons of business.
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Growing Your Local Business Online

Local businesses often struggle to blend the disparate aspects of their marketing into a coherent strategy to achieve the sales they desire. Often you find yourself frustrated as a competitor is always one step ahead in the rankings and you want to make inroads into their market. This course is the perfect primer for those of you looking to make the first steps towards dominating your local market from Google and search engines to content strategy and public relations.
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The Complete Guide to Google My Business

Google my business is the new way for businesses to make sure they are listed correctly for local customers on Google to find them. This course teaches you everything from the basics such as setting up your listing to advanced steps to optimise your listing and make sure you appear as prominently as possible, giving you an advantage over your competitors and helping you to win more business.
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Google Webmaster Tools – Set Up and Advanced Features

The only way to interact with Google is through their Webmaster Tools platform. The system allows you to ensure your site is indexed correctly in Google (essential for your business to get traffic from the World’s most popular search engine). We take you through setting up your account, and taking advantage of the many advanced features such as Geo-Targeting (letting Google know where your customers are) and disavowing bad links to help with penalty removal.
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Video Guide: Powerful Lead Generation Using Social Media

This exciting course takes you beyond simply sharing your content on social media and teaches you how to find your customers, reach out to them (even if they have never heard of your brand), and turn them into leads for your business. The first video is open to all, and to access the full course all you need to do is sign up as a free member.
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Digital Content Strategy for Local Businesses

Writing and editing. Something not most small businesses owners have time for, right? Unfortunately, to have a solid digital presence for your business online a well designed content strategy is needed to not only showcase the services and products you offer to your customers but also keep them engaged on your website and entice them to make a sale.

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