Yelp Now Allows Direct Messaging From Your Customers

If you don’t already know, Yelp is a great resource for focusing the reputation of your business based off of the review of your actual customers. Spotlighting over 57 million reviews over 27 countries, there already exists a ton of information that people can gather through Yelp about any local business they are interested. Additionally, they can also stumble onto your business’s page from another organization that is local to your area as well.

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Not only is this service great for your organization’s image, through positive reviews of course, but it also allows your unsatisfied customers let you know why they weren’t happy with your service, allowing you to correct this problem immediately to not only win them back as a customer but also make it more likely for them to refer you as you were so swift to fix the issue at hand.

Now, as if Yelp already hadn’t been such a great tool already, they are allowing your customers to message you directly with their questions, praise or concern. This process aims to make the interaction between customer and business more seamless, eliminating the time gap that has existed up until now. Additionally, this new feature makes it more likely that a customer will let you know privately that they were unhappy with your service, taking it away from the public eye.

Making Customer Satisfaction a Priority

Even more amazing with this new feature is the customer’s ability to see how long the average response time is from that specific company, making it a competitive and fun way to prove to their customers that they are the number one priority.

While some customers prefer to pick up the phone and give the business in question a call, more and more people are opting to communicate over the internet. Yelp’s new feature of direct business emailing gives business owners the opportunity to not just reply to their customers directly, but the new feature also provides the potential of tons of more leads as it is easier than ever to get in touch with a business regarding and question or comment you may have.

Respond Directly from the eMail that You Receive

Many business owners may feel a bit wary about having to log into the Yelp service and respond to the messages their customers have left them, and this is rightfully so. However, Yelp has developed this tool so carefully and precisely that all the business owner has to do is reply directly from their inbox. No need to log in every day, or every hour for that matter, to reply to customer’s messages.

How to Get Started

To start taking advantage of Yelp’s new direct response feature, all you have to do is claim a free business owner’s account. Alternatively, Yelp also says that if a business does not want to incorporate this new feature into their listing they can simply disable the feature to stop any direct messages from coming through.

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