Twitter Set For Massive 10,000 Character Tweets

The 140 character Tweet limit could be coming to an end as soon as the end of Q1 2016 as Re/code reports that the social media giant is planning to up it by over 700% to 1,000 characters, allowing long form content on the platform for the first time.

Facebook recently moved to host more content from publishers directly on their site and tests by Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of Vayner Media, where he posted long-form content directly onto the platform resulted in super-sized levels of engagement. This change could, therefore, open the doors to more engaging, and more in-depth content published directly onto Twitter, benefiting businesses using Twitter for their promotional activities, and the network itself.

I wrote a long form piece on Facebook two weeks ago… let me treat Facebook like a blog, like a website. I did it; it did extremely well. A lot of engagement.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Episode 126 #AskGaryVee Show (Time 8:54)

The exact format of the new feature is not yet known, however Re/code also noted that it’s most likely the 140 character limit will remain for what is initially shown in the timeline, and a call to action will be used prompting interested users to see the additional content.

A big opportunity also exists with social outreach where, for the first time, businesses looking to engage on Twitter with people asking specific types of question will be able to address the answer directly to users, and in full, instead of a quick teaser followed by a link to more in-depth information hosted elsewhere.

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