Summer Holidays are Here – Are You Keeping Your Customers Happy?

Whether you own a local deli, roofing business or a small convenience store, holidays always seem to throw a wrench in the gears. Do you open your deli on the 4th of July? If so, do you shut early, potentially losing business? If you stay open during normal operating hours, do you keep the normal staff on and risk it being slow, or do you leave only one employee to pump out sandwiches in the event of a rush? It certainly can be a tough job to keep customers happy during the holidays, when they are likely rushed and cranky.

Go Beyond Expectations

Even if you decide not to be open during a holiday there are still many things you can do to show your best customers how appreciative you are of their business. For businesses that operate with clients that operate in different parts of the world it is important to keep in mind they may be operating while your business is taking time off. An example being here in the U.S. many of us are away for the Christmas holiday while we may be servicing clients around the world that may not be partaking in celebrations.

During this time they very well may be expecting full customer service at a moment’s notice, especially in a time of crisis. Even if you’re not dealing with international clientele, you may operate in a locale that provides you a diverse customer base, which also expects you to be operating during holidays that they may not celebrate.

Set the Bar High for Your Employees

Chances are, your employees aren’t going to be super thrilled about working a holiday. If you’re able, work the sales floor yourself greeting customers with the same kind attitude you want your employees to show. Additionally, by being out on the floor yourself, you show your customers the dedication you have to them, proving their business is appreciated through the great customer service they deserve.

After a long day that your staff wasn’t able to spend with family and friends, consider rewarding them to show your appreciation for coming in to work. You may consider offering additional sales commissions or other bonuses, as well as bringing in lunch or dinner so that your employees don’t have to worry about it.

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Author: Garrett Graff

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