Study Shows that Technology has Created More Jobs than Destroyed in the Past 140 Years

For hundreds of years now man has thought of ways to make laborious tasks easier and more efficient, but some believe that may have come at a price in the way of mechanized devices replacing humans in the work force. This, however, has been disproven by a group of economists at Deloitte in their report that technology in fact is a job creating machine.

The studied focused in on the argument that technology has a job destroying effect on society which was far from the case. The study showed that while some industries have had significant loss in job positions, such as agricultural laborers, many others have flourished. Divisions such as teachers, care works, and welfare workers have seen increases in as much as 580% percent over the past 140 years, according to the study.

Additionally, the report mentioned that the increased availability of information and data has allowed more and more individuals to become educated in comparison with our ancestors who had limited availability to resources we take for granted today.

It seems that the report largely suggests that jobs usually considered as traditional are losing pace to machine technology while new industries are emerging that require a more educated talent pool to operate.

Deloitte’s report is up for the Rybczynski Prize provided by the Society of Business Economists this year.

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Author: Garrett Graff

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