Skylake – Intel's Latest New Processor Line

For the second time in the past month Intel has released yet another new product line in its computing division: Skylake. Aiming to increase battery life, offer insane performance gains and improve onboard graphics, the new line of processors are slated to being appearing in devices sometime in 2015.

Skylake, the sixth generation of Intel’s Core processor line, are said to, “..deliver some of the most significant advancements of computing that we’ve ever seen” according to Kirk Skaugen, Intel’s senior vice president of their Client Computing division.

With the recent release of Windows 10, a processor-hungry operating system, Intel seems to have perfectly planned the release of their latest product line. Intel also boasts that their latest Skylake processor generation will offer the possibility of all day battery life on laptops, tablets and other personal devices. Additionally, intel has stated that the new Skylake line will offer a 3000% graphics improvement compared to the older processor technology that is still hanging around from 2010.

While many computing enthusiasts tend to run separate graphics cards for their gaming and editing needs, Intel’s new Skylake processor line seems to have finally closed the gap between external and onboard graphics processors. This leaves room for every day computer users to have advanced graphical computing power via their processor without ever having to crack open a computer case.

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