Mainstream Media Blackout of #DNCLeaks Mirrored On Social Media

Once again we have no interest here in the politics at play. It doesn’t matter to us what today’s leaks about the Democratic Party in the US actually showed, or whether any wrong doing was at play. What we’re concerned with here at Tech Function is that throughout the early days of social media it played a crucial role in spreading free speech, the uprisings for democracy in various parts of the world, and allowed for a free and open exchange of information.

Yet once again a scandal has erupted during this election season, and not only is the mainstream media fully blacking it out, even going to commercial breaks when it’s raised by a guest or panelist, but also it’s being manually blacked out of trending lists on Twitter.

When social media is no longer a place where people are able to find and discuss important trending topics, unless they match the political leanings of the owners of the network, it becomes significantly less useful as a free and open tool for society. Actually it shows the despots in more oppressive regimes overseas that censorship of discourse which doesn’t fit the official narrative is actually something ‘totally fine’ and even done within ‘developed democracies’.

Democracy has no hope when the power of information is controlled centrally by those with power, money and platforms, who are free to decide what’s best for the people to know.

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