Leadership: The Questions You Aren't Asking Yourself

Ever wonder what makes a leader a great leader, and not just an average guy in the front of the line that everybody trudges along with? One huge characteristic that sets great leaders apart from the rest of the pack (at least in my opinion) is their ability to constantly ask themselves what they can do to improve the lives of those who work with them and what they can do to stay more relevant in their field.

Are You Asking Yourself These Questions?

If you’re a manager, business owner or even a CEO, what kind of questions are you asking yourself when you leave the office at the end of the day? You might think, “Did everything get done? How are we sitting for tomorrow? Anything I forgot?” The truth of the matter is, if you’re thinking like this, you’re thinking exactly the same way that those underneath you are thinking.

As you’ve probably figured out, this way of thinking doesn’t leave you opportunity to really work as a leader, but more of just another guy on the team. Leaders need to be able to think of new ways to adapt, make plans before they’re needed and find new creative ways to make difficult tasks easier and keep their team members happy.

So, you’re wondering now, what should you be thinking about tonight when you head home?

Did I Help My Team Succeed Today?

As a leader, one of your main priorities is making sure that your team succeeded. If somebody on the team failed to do their part, why? What can you do to ensure that he or she is brought up to speed and gets the help they may need to do their job properly? If you’re not helping your team at all, is there a reason for that? Are you too busy trying to do everything yourself, or nothing at all?

What Motivated Me Today, and Did That Motivate Everybody Else?

There are many different things that may motivate somebody to do their work, and it very well may be different from what motivates you. However, figuring out what motivates different individuals on your team is a great way to promote incentives for them to enjoy their work and also to do their job more effectively.

What Obstacles Did the Team Encounter Today?

If you’re ready to think like a leader, you need to constantly analyze what you can be doing to make things easier for your team and how to prepare for obstacles that may be in the way of completing their work.

Because you’re the leader, your team members are going to look for you for help with areas of work that they struggle in and expect that you will be able to help them out. If you aren’t looking for these opportunities to connect and improve on these work areas its likely that they will continue to struggle and killing production at the same time.

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Author: Garrett Graff

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