It’s 2016! Where’s Your PR Bling? A 6-Step Guide for Business Owners

Are you a company founder or organization director who has ever retained a PR firm? If you have, then you no doubt used a degree of PR Bling whether you were aware of doing so or not. PR … what?

PR Bling. Think of it as the times you were certain we would answer if you were to call us on our cell phones late at night, or early in the morning, when you needed our insight on your media interview, an angle for a press release, or advice on a provocative Tweet, etc. That’s PR Bling from a client perspective. But 25SecondsPR, is officially coining the phrase from a PR firm perspective, and with much inspiration from Drake.

As a California-based PR firm, we tend to view our profession from the prism of glitz. When thinking about clients, we consider PR Bling as a myriad of exceptional content. The stuff that makes you shine, the most valuable assets if you will, that define you and your brand. Your leadership persona, your impressive stats: users, app downloads, celebrity ties, etc.

Increasing media interest around these elements is a first start to building an awareness campaign for clients.  In fact, there’s little mystery about working with a small PR firm. Smart PR agencies, understand what sets you apart and connect it to the hot stories that the public, investors, journalists and other influencers are following. You can read more about what public relations involves in this TechFunction guide.

Our expertise is in strategically helping you elevate your company or organization so that your brand, event, campaign, product/service launch, or even you personally, is among those being Tweeted, watched, followed, written about and more!

With PR Bling defined, move ahead in engaging a PR agency keeping these 6 guidelines for choosing in mind:

  1. Identify your organizational or business goals and needs. Is it generating media interest? Creating a broad digital PR campaign? Developing social media content? Establishing a speaker’s bureau? Determine what you need, or engage an agency for consultation to help you.
  1. Get a consensus. It’s much easier to move ahead when your co-founder, VC fund manager, executive director, board members and co-founders, etc., are all behind you. False starts are a tremendous waste of time and money. Make sure hiring a PR firm is a high priority for your stakeholders.
  1. Determine your budget.Identify your PR budget. Know what you can spend, and have some idea what small PR agency fees cover. Most have an account director, account manager, a digital expert, and a writer.

Got a one-off project? Maybe you have a short-term project need, i.e., press kit, press release, blog writing, social media planning, or story pitching, consider asking a PR agency what they’re willing to do on a project-basis.  Read more.

  1. Think competitively! Unless you’re among the unicorn herd, you’ll want to think of the nuances that make your product, service, or event unique. Think of your competition in your industry that sets them apart.
  1. Understand Diversity/Tech Inclusion/Multiculturalism:Not convenient buzzwords rather extremely relevant to the technology products, services, and consumer lifestyles of the people and cultures nationally and internationally who use them. Think broadly and inclusively or engage an agency focused on inclusion such as 25SecondsPR, which will gladly explain and help you get there. Call us!
  1. Be Ready! Rome was not built in a day and the same for brand awareness and PR coverage, although with a drastically shorter time frames. Expect your PR firm to lead the effort for you, but also to expect to work in partnership with us.
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Author: Lori Shepherd

Lori Shepherd, Blogger & Founder of 25SecondsPR manages PR for entrepreneurs and start-ups to medium businesses and nonprofits focused on technology, professional services and tech inclusion. Her career spans 15+ years initially as a journalist for PC World magazine, then Silicon Valley Business Journal (then San Jose Business Journal) before joining the PR teams of Hewlett-Packard, Guide by Cell, and Intuitive Surgical. As a PR Consultant, Lori has been an integral member of cross-functional teams consulting for MSR Communications. After launching 25SecondsPR, Lori was retained by the Points of Light Foundation, the Association for Women in Science and has also managed accounts for the Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance, WooCommerce, POWA Technologies, FMSI, SkyChildCare, Nobody Care Go Harder and many other brands. Her company is located in Oakland, California. You can find Lori on

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