Google's New OnHub Router Promises Seemless Wireless Integration

As if Google hasn’t been in the news enough lately, they have just released word that they have plans to fix the common hatreds of WiFi use with a new router that improves wireless internet quality.

For many of us, spotty WiFi connections in our homes and offices are an absolute nightmare. Whether we’re just laying down to binge watch new episodes of our favorite TV show on Netflix, trying to play the latest online video game or simply trying to listen to some relaxing music, an internet outage can simply ruin our day. But, not to worry, Google is here to fix that.

Often times when an internet outage occurs it is typically the router’s inability to be able to route all the different types of web traffic efficiently. When trying to manage high transfers of video files, music streams and video games, routers can get a bit overwhelmed and tend to just give up.

OnHub, Google’s solution to wireless router nightmares, promises to make things a little easier on us. Unlike most traditional household routers, the new OnHub router will allow users to prioritize which services are to receive the most attention and which ones should be a low priority. Making things even more revolutionary, all of these features are controlled via a smart phone app. This means that no special networking skills are required to control internet traffic in our own homes!

Expecting to come in at around $200, the OnHub is competitively priced and is likely to be a big hit across America. Hopefully, this is a step in the direction towards a more unified world of networking and not uninterrupted Netflix binges that last for days, marathon gaming sessions and timeless song streaming that goes on forever.

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