Google Changes Local Map Pack for Restaurant Queries

10 days ago news hit the wire that Google was experimenting with their maps listings for Home Services Professionals in certain geographical areas. Today, we’ve noticed yet a new trend that seems to be rolling out slowly for restaurants – a changed map pack following a company’s website that matches the search query.


As seen in the example to the left, when searching for the exact name of a restaurant, the company’s website will first appear in the organic search results followed by a newly styled map pack. Additionally, Google has made a great effort to gather menu information as well, also including nutritional information within the SERP.

However, if searching for a generic term such as “sushi Minneapolis” we are greeted with a new local box as the first result, followed by the traditional organic results.


This new setup seems to let on that Google is still increasing its efforts to match brands with their respective search queries while also aiming at providing in-depth local information for search engine users as well. From our research it seems that this new update has been rolled out in more areas than just Minneapolis and it is believed it will stick around for the time being.

Please feel free to leave comments below on what you are seeing in your neck woods!

Image Credits: Garrett Graff

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Author: Garrett Graff

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