Gaining Customer Loyalty – What You're Probably Not Doing

Quite often I get a lot of questions from my clients regarding customer loyalty and how to get people to come back to their establishment more than one time.

Give Customers a Reason to Come Back

If you’re a small business owner you already know why most people frequent small businesses – because you’re small, locally owned, and part of the very community they wish to support. But, just because you’re a small business in a community doesn’t mean that people are going to automatically frequent your establishment instead of just ordering something off amazon in a couple of clicks, you need to give them a reason to go out of their way to come and visit you.

Customer Service – Seriously

I know everybody thinks they have great customer service, but when you think about it, is your business’s service the absolute best that it can be? All it can take is one negative tone from one of your employees towards a patron, a bad look when they’re super busy or even just sounding a little snippy at the end of a long day to drive a potentially repeat customer away. By making sure that your staff is always at their best you can improve your chances that new customers are more likely to turn into regulars.

Make Sure Your Customers are Satisfied

Again, this one may sound obvious as well but it is surprising how often I come to learn that some of my clients have no idea if their customers are satisfied or not. Most just assume that if somebody has a smile or doesn’t make a complaint they must be doing ok and everything is hunky-dory. But, if you’re anything like me, a person who doesn’t necessarily make complaints and just chooses to not return based on one bad experience, you could easily be missing out on hundreds of repeat customers a month.

To help gauge your customers satisfaction, try putting out a simple comments box or if you’re a service-based company you can give handouts after your have performed your work for customers to kindly leave you a review to see how well you’re actually doing.

Let People Know What’s Going On

Another good way to get people back in the door is to let them know about your sales and new products that you may have on offer. If you can, offer them a coupon at their point of sale for their next visit that may entice them a little bit more. By showing that you really care about them as a customer and truly appreciate their business, you are much more likely to get them back as repeat customers

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Author: Garrett Graff

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