How to Effectively Manage Your Virtual Team

If you’re anything like me, sometimes it can be a little difficult to keep your employees on task without physically overseeing their work. While email may be sufficient for most small projects and a small numbers of employees many of us need to incorporate other tools that can keep our team productive.

Organize Project Activities

A great tool to keep projects organized and on track is Trello. It allows you and your team to delegate tasks as well as set due dates, share ideas and keep notes so that everybody stays in the loop.


Trello also allows you to create different boards for more than one project. This is very useful if you have different employees on different projects and you would like them to only see what you need them to do and not worrying about everybody else’s work.

Share Files in the Cloud


Another great way to keep your project streamlined is to share files in the cloud. Team members are easily able to share, create and view files all from one space, meaning that nobody has that super important file on their desktop and nobody else can access it during an emergency.

Services like Microsoft’s One Drive and Dropbox feature convenient browser-based interfaces that let team members share files directly with each other all from the cloud. These solutions also support devices like your mobiles and tablets, ensuring that your files and data are truly accessible whenever you may need it.

Communicate Freely

While most teams communicate via email and chat services, there is still something to be said about a quick voice chat that can take care of problems more quickly and effectively. Skype is a great (and free) voice program that allows all members of your team to quickly contact one another.


Whether somebody has a problem that needs to be addressed immediately or everybody just wants to have a quick briefing before they start work for the day, a quick call is a great way to communicate with all parties involved.

Additionally, Skype allows users to share their screen during a call. This is extremely beneficial if somebody on your team is having a specific problem with something that somebody else can help them with by viewing their screen from a remote location.

Quick Check-ins and Check-outs

At the beginning of each work day it is a great idea to have a quick call or chat session with everybody on your given project to go through any pressing news and to also make sure that everybody understands what they need to get done for the day. This way everybody can be held accountable for their work as they know exactly what is expected of them for the day and they won’t be able to make up excuses as to why they didn’t contribute their fair share.

Likewise, having a quick follow up towards the end of the day can allow you to realize any problems that may have occurred and whether or not your project is still on track, behind or maybe even ahead of schedule. Also, your employees can discuss anything else that may have happened throughout the day that may have some importance to you, the boss.

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