Apple’s New iOS 9 Jam Packs New Features You Don’t Want to Miss

Yesterday, Apple released its latest operating system, iOS 9. Most notably, the new Apple operating system boasts increased battery life that will benefit devices of all platforms. This is especially good news as Apple decided to reduce the battery capacity of both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, stating that users can expect about an extra hour of charge on their phone while using iOS9.

If the new battery improvements weren’t enough, iOS 9 also boasts a new power saving mode that allows phone users to switch into a conservation mode to conserve precious battery life, allowing for nearly three extra hours of charge.

Apple also addressed a common gripe among iPhone users in that iOS 8 took up astounding 4.58GB of disk space, while the newly redesigned iOS 9 only takes up a mere 1.3GB – a huge savings.

Other usability features have been incorporated into iOS 9 as well. For starters, Siri has been upgraded and is more responsive than ever. Additionally, the new Proactive Assistant app has been included with the new operating system to challenge Android’s Google Now. The Proactive Assistant is able to suggest nearby places for you to check out, bring local news directly to your phone and also suggest apps that you may find interesting.

If you’d like to find out more about the new features in iOS 9, check out Forbe’s review

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