Millions of Android Devices at Risk in Latest Security Breach

According to security firm Check Point, millions of Android smart phones are at risk from an unseen security flaw that allows attackers to hijack a device without the user ever knowing it. Before phones are shipped to customers, manufacturers often install apps such as TeamViewer that allow remote technicians to access the phone from a distance to solve problems. Unfortunately, this is where the flaw has been discovered.

Now known as Certifi-Gate, these millions of Android phones that are at risk can be hijacked by pretending to be pre-installed apps that were intended to help users, not harm them. It is said that an attacker may be able to steal contact information, personal notes and much more. Fortunately, Check Point has released a scanning app available in the Google Play store, that will check to see if you are at risk of the latest Android security breach.

Interestingly enough, Graham Cluley, a leading security expert, released an article yesterday that highlights Google’s responses to Android security flaws over the years. Most notably was a statement by Google in response to a vulnerability named Stagefright, which would render the phone, “apparently dead – silent, unable to make calls, with a lifeless screen.”

In light of these Android security breaches Google has promised that it will begin to issue monthly security patches for Android users to help compact these critical vulnerabilities in the operating system. At this time it has not been said whether other types of devices running the Android operating system are vulnerable to this security flaw and it has been recommended to keep your device up to date and only use trusted applications.

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