3 Industries that Benefit from Mobile Data Collection Software

mobile data collection softwareEvery business in existence is looking for ways to improve. Whether it be cutting costs, better training personnel, or attracting a wider customer base, there is always something to be done that can enhance the bottom line. In order to know what practices need to change, companies need a tool to provide them with data-driven insights. Enter mobile data collection software. Below we’ll analyze three industries that are already using this technology to better their businesses.

Consumer Packaged Goods

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry relies heavily on brick-and-mortar retail stores to generate sales, in addition to e-commerce. To ensure that products are in-stock and being properly displayed on shelves, many companies turn to mobile data collection solutions. By employing a tool that allows employees to track stock levels and instantly fulfill replenishment orders, CPG companies put themselves in a position to dominate the retail space.

So what types of data should CPG companies be amassing? As described above, one key area to note is stock levels; products with low stock are selling successfully, whereas those with high stock are not. Tracking stock digitally is more efficient than doing so on paper and can prevent out-of-stock instances faster, since some software automatically syncs information collected in the field to back-office managers. Another part of the retail execution strategy that can be audited with data collection software is competitor activity. Utilizing a tool that is equipped with photo capture and customizable mobile forms helps CPG companies to better monitor what the competition is doing, and subsequently, outsmart them.


Businesses that operate within the services industry can also take advantage of mobile data collection software. Companies ranging from cleaning, to pool maintenance, to roofing can reap the benefits of cloud-based, mobile solutions. By leveraging data collection platforms, services companies are able to deliver a better customer experience and set themselves apart from the crowd.

How exactly does field data collection equate to superior customer service? For starters, any information recorded in a mobile form can be emailed directly to customers to give them project status updates. Mobile data collection tools also afford the ability to administer customer satisfaction surveys digitally, thus demonstrating an augmented level of professionalism to your clients. Image capture (either standalone or within a mobile form) can be used to indicate proof of service to customers as well, which provides an additional layer of transparency between your business and its clients.

Field Marketing

Yet another industry that can utilize mobile data collection effectively is field marketing. Companies that employ street teams to market their products or services or who conduct in-store and off-site promotions will want a means of tracking the success of these efforts. Custom mobile forms are a great way to document how many team members were present during a given promotion, how much product was sold, any contact information that was captured, customer sentiment upon interacting with the brand, etc. Photo documentation is an excellent supplement to quantitative data, as it provides management with a visual for how marketing materials appeared at a promotion. For example, managers may want to see how a display set-up looked or how street team members were dressed and make adjustments as needed in the future.

Without hard data, it’s difficult for business owners and managers to determine what aspect of daily operations need to be revised. Mobile data collection software has the capability to afford invaluable insight into which strategies are working well and which are failing. Companies who fall under the CPG, services, and field marketing industries should seriously consider harnessing the power of this technology.

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