Hire a Writer

Tech Function provides copy for clients of leading marketing agencies, advertising firms and for all different sectors and businesses. We’re proud to offer the very same copywriting service directly to businesses. If you’re looking for writers for hire you’re probably expecting to post ads, test writers out, and deal with lots of editing and amendments yourself. You can save yourself all that hassle by dealing direct with a Tech Function account manager who’ll work with one of our team of writers and editors to ensure you get the copy you need at one of the most competitive rates for premium quality, fully edited content.

Hire Freelance Writers

Our team is a selection of hand picked and quality tested freelance writers available for hire. No matter what industry you work in, we’ll have a team member with relevant industry experience, and a track record of delivering powerful, engaging copy. Many freelance writers are only experienced at producing one type of content, whether it’s a research piece or sales copy for a website. Our team are trained extensively in different types of copy and tested using our proprietary assessment techniques to make sure your work is only ever completed by an expert in that type of content.

Our Rates For Professional Writers For Hire

Fully edited copy, as well as telephone access to your personal account manager who’ll take care of everything from payment processing to briefing and managing your writer, comes at just $0.07 per word – that’s just $35 for a typical 500 word page of business copy for your website. When you compare that to saving a few dollars and working directly with writers, editing your own copy, dealing with disappointments and sloppy work, you’ll soon realise that there’s a reason so many clients are using Tech Function writers through their agency to get better results from their copy – whether it’s sales, shares or engagement, we know how to write for the results you want to achieve.

Hire Writers Reviews

With most services for copywriting and hiring writers your work will be arbitrarily allocated to a member of a team, or even worse will allow members of the platform to claim their own work. You might spend hours pouring over writer reviews, some good, some bad, but there’s no guarantee that the copy you receive will match your expectations.

All our work comes with a no questions asked, no quibbles, guarantee that if you’re not fully satisfied we’ll rewrite, edit and fix it up at no additional cost until you’re happy. With telephone access to your account manager, they’ll hold your hand through the whole process in the event there’s anything at all you’re not fully satisfied with.

Blog Writers Require Unique Skills

One of the main areas where we shine when it comes to content stems from our experience working with marketing and PR agencies. Each of our writers will have been asked dozens of times, and for some over a hundred times, for content for blogs and news sites around the web as part of marketing campaigns. Each time they’ll be tasked with pairing a core marketing message from the firm that hired the blog writer from us with the unique demands of the blog or news outlet. Often times that will mean connecting with a niche audience with unique, high standards for the content they consume, publish, enjoy and share. That experience allows our writers to develop content for your blog that connects with your audience and delivers the extra exposure and engagement that will help you grow your audience, and keep your existing readers.

Hiring a Ghostwriter is Not a Problem

With our entire team of writers, the copy you order is owned by you, with no need to attribute it to one of our team. As such any of our copy is free to be used as ghost written copy for your CEO, one of your other writers, or even with no name published at all. So whether it’s a script writer for hire, a grant writer, or just some copy for your blog you don’t need to worry about any attribution or ownership issues.

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