Growing Your Local Business Online

This powerful free course will take you through the steps you need to take to promote your business online. The early modules explain local discovery and the local ecosystem (how your customers actually find you) before walking you through how you can take advantage of that to promote your business.

Storytelling and promoting your business and your unique skills and knowledge then become the main theme of the course as we venture into Public Relations, marketing on Search Engines and your Content Strategy.

Episode 1: The Local Ecosystem and How to Participate and Find Your New Customers Online – Watch The Lesson Now

Part 1 is open to everyone, parts 2 and 3 will be for registered (free) users only. Simply fill in the short form after clicking ‘register’ before viewing episode 2, to get notified about upcoming episodes, watch the entire course, and get dozens of additional free courses and articles throughout the year. Learning how to grow your business online has never been easier – and it’s free.

Episode 2: How SEO, PR and storytelling combine to promote your brand, and grow your business – Watch The Lesson Now

If you love episode two and want to learn more about online storytelling and public relations you may want to check out our complete guide to public relations which includes not just information on the basics, but the history, tips from professionals, and some of the great tools you can start using right away to promote your business online.

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