Google Webmaster Tools Tutorial

In this exclusive Tech Function web tutorial we will be focusing on how to implement, integrate and customize Google Webmaster Tools for your business’s website.

What Exactly is Google Webmaster Tools?

If you’re unfamiliar with what Webmaster Tools actually is, here’s a brief rundown of what Google has built into it:

  • Link your business’s domain with Webmaster Tools so that you can be aware of any penalties or crawl errors
  • Check your sitemap for easy crawling
  • View traffic statistics
  • Generate a list of all links to and from your website
  • See what keywords caused your visitors to land on your page(s)

If you’re serious about getting high volume traffic to your website and staying on top of any penalties your website has been hit with it is absolutely critical that you have Webmaster Tools linked to your company’s website. Without it, you are essentially operating in the dark and left clueless as to why you are experiencing bad results with your website.

Not only does this tool keep you out of the dark but it also provides valuable insight into the depths of your website. Webmaster tools allows you to track your traffic specifically, from country to country, search term to search term and much more, allowing for you to deeply analyze your website and decide on the best ways to improve your search rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Part 1: Getting Started with Webmaster Tools

In step 1 of this tutorial we will be focusing on how to get Google Webmaster Tools setup on your website. We will discuss everything from making yourself a Google account, getting the API installed safely on your website and give a rough overview of the tools that are available to us for use.

Part 2: Integrating Webmaster Tools into Your Company’s Website

Once everything has been setup properly it is time to learn the ins and outs of what Webmaster Tools has to offer. Up for grabs will be looking for crawl errors, making sure your sitemap is up to date, a brief introduction on how to analyze your keywords and how to view other websites that are linking to you. We’ve gone ahead an broken this chapter up into 2 sections. The first installment covers features such as search appearance, the dashboard and site messages while the second installment covers the crawling and indexing features that Webmaster Tools has available to you.

Part 3: Advanced Features of Google Webmaster Tools

The final installment of this guide will cover some of the more advanced tools that Google makes available to webmasters. We will go over how to set up preferred domain styles, how to use Webmaster Tools to run diagnostics on your website and a few other tricks that aren’t commonly utilized.

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