Content Strategy for Business Owners Course Now Live

Our content strategy course for business owners will give you the foundation knowledge you need to plan your website and be successful online. Too many online businesses fail to describe their products and services accurately and powerfully enough to convert visitors into sales. Sometimes missing those descriptions means they don’t even get the search traffic they deserve.

Imagine that you run a pest control business. There’s no way for Google or your customers to know that you use modern, pesticide free, heat treatment processes for your bed bug treatment unless you fully describe that on your site.

Just listing your services or products without that added depth, means you’re leaving money on the table: your site’s visitors won’t be converting at a high rate, because you aren’t explaining your services well; less people will be visiting your site because Google isn’t sending them there because you aren’t mentioning the things your users are looking for in full, and explaining them in a high quality, informative way.

To take the course for free just head over to the content strategy for business owners homepage and start selling more online within days.

It’s a free course, and you don’t need to be signed in to view, but if you like our content, please do sign up on the sidebar and you’ll receive our video guides, courses and recordings from our popular online webinars and seminars absolutely free, but exclusive to our members.

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Author: Steve Brownlie

Steve loves helping businesses grow and receive the press exposure they deserve. He does that every day as the lead consultant at palladous. He can be reached on Twitter.

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