31 Must Read Public Relations Guides For Business Owners

Getting your business covered by leading news outlets can be the key to greater exposure, sales and authority in your niche. Millions of readers trust journalists more than advertising too, for obvious reasons. This means that your message is relayed to them with an authority and level of trust that can’t be matched through directly reaching out or advertising to your prospects.

Actively seeking out journalists and editors to write about your business can be daunting at first, but luckily there is a wealth of information online to help you make the first steps. This collection will walk you through from beginner to expert in just a few hours of reading!

Chapter 1 Beginner Public Relations Guides

Business that are new to public relations often don’t know where to start. These beginner PR guides will help you understand how to set the tone of your press relations, and craft stories for your business that are interesting to the media. From a complete 101 to some short tips on how to get started with PR, these guides are some of the best places to pick up some initial ideas for your campaigns.

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Chapter 2 Guide To Small Business Press Coverage

As a small business owner looking to get coverage in the media, you probably don’t have a large PR budget. Even medium sized business often face budget restrictions as they need to get results first before they can start to invest in PR. These guides give smaller businesses some great ways to save money and successfully execute some cheap PR projects to get the ball rolling.

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Chapter 3 Local Publicity

Many small and medium businesses have a distinct local focus whether that’s one particular town or region. The local press coverage you receive doesn’t always need a radically different approach, but the journalist outreach you’re doing will often be to smaller outlets. In some ways that makes things easier as you’re also local and relevant to their audience, but in other ways it’s harder because they don’t have a huge editorial team to read through all of the releases they receive.

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Chapter 4 Free Publicity Tips and Tricks

Not all of these “free” publicity tips will get you press coverage totally free. Sometimes there’s some time or a small amount of investment to get the job done but almost all are free PR in the traditional sense as you aren’t paying for ads, or for an agency to reach out for you and get coverage. If you like fun hacks and smart ways to make your business irresistible to the media, these guides could be the ones for you.

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Chapter 5 Startups and Tech PR

Many startups wait far too long before getting the ball rolling on their startup PR plan. Press coverage for your startup not only makes your approaches to investors warmer – many will have just read about you on Inc or Tech Crunch – but also help build creditability with your new customers. Of course startups do have budget concerns when it comes to PR, so here are some great ways to get started.

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Chapter 6 PR Case Studies and Examples

Ready to get your hands dirty with some real PR case studies? Great let’s take a look at some of the best from around the web, including some small business ideas, and one funny story about what not to do if you want to get press coverage.

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Chapter 7 Pitches and Press Releases

Pitching the press is perhaps the most daunting thing for many business owners, because even though they believe in their content on their site and their product, they’re not used to selling it to someone who wants a story, not a sales pitch. Luckily these guides, and tips will help you craft sharper press releases, press packs that are interesting and one even delves into why press releases still matter.

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Chapter 8 After You Receive Coverage

These day’s there’s no excuse for picking up some coverage then going for a coffee and a nice relax! You still have some work to do (eight things actually). Oh and while you’re at it, make sure you know how to measure your return on investment. Even if you didn’t spend a lot of money running through these tips, you almost certainly spent a fair bit of time.

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